Greater Patagonian Trail 9 Volcan Antuco- Guallali

On this stage I climb the volcano Antuco in very difficult conditions and run next day into serious problems with the authorities...
At the end of this stage I enter again another world, Araukaria, the home of the Pehuenche and strange trees...



Back from Scandinavia

                                            The hike with my camps

I just finished my 4- months long trek across Scandinavia! The goal was to link most of the major Nationalparks and wilderness areas. Therefore I started in Odda at the southwest coast not too far from Bergen. From there I crossed the mountain ranges of southern Norway from Hardangervidda to Dovrefjell, mostly in snow, as I started at the beginning of June and it was a very late spring...
Next came the less known, remote areas of central Norway. A lot of the hiking there, in areas like Forollhogna and Blafjella-Skjaekjefella Nationalparks were trackless. 4 days of continuous rain had been a real test...
To the contrary just below the arctic circle around Okstindan and Saltfjellet I had a week of sunshine, something very rare in Norway...
From Sulitjelma in Norway to near Abisko in Sweden was the longest leg of the hike. In 15 days I covered 400 Kilometres, doing a long detour across the large wilderness area of Laponia, comprising such gems as Sarek and Padjelanta, but also went near the norwegian coast again, in the fascinating granite country of Hellemo.
After a 8 day break, exploring the island of Senja and other things I continued on the Nordkalottleden to Kautokeino, passing such interesting locations as Divi- and Reisadalen.
From Kautokeino I turned east into Finland, mostly trailless across the vast wilderness of Anarjokka and Lemmenjoki nationalparks.
Finally I did a loop in the fine primeval forests of Urho Kekkonnen Nationalpark towards the russian border south of Lake Inari.
After 110 walking days and about 2600 Kilometers I finished my hike at the end of September already having seen the first northern lights and beautiful autumn colours.
It was a challenging but very satisfying trip!
But as you know, before I blog on this hike, I need to finish my entries on the Greater Patagonian trail which I did earlier this year...
Soon I will start with that!


Greater Patagonian Trail 6 Laguna del Maule- Lago Dial

After half an hour walking I cross the tarmac road, leading to Argentina. At this early morning hour there is no traffic. I quickly cross the road and continue on the other side. A herd of cattle gives way, causing a huge dust cloud.

                                                                           Dust cloud



Greater Patagonian Trail 4 Siete Tazas- Rio Colorado

After a cold shower I walk back to the Pizzeria, which opens just for me and where I am treated to an omelette. On TV I get to know that big forest fires are devastating Central Chile. I can only hope, that this won't have an effect on my hike...